Ready to dominate the sea; Stratos’ Dutch Built 50 will launch this week and revolutionise its class

At 5pm on December 7th, the 50ft yacht segment will undergo an evolution. Visitors to the Masters Expo will be the first globally to view Stratos’ Dutch Built 50, a yacht which will change what we expect from vessels in this size range.

The first hull from pioneering Dutch shipyard, Stratos, the DB50 has been designed to dominate the toughest conditions. Making its maiden voyage directly to the Masters Expo in Amsterdam from the Stratos Shipyard in Lelystad, the Dutch premier will be the first glimpse of the yacht and will be followed by the European premiere at boot Dusseldorf on 20 January. The DB50 is the culmination of Bas Lengers’ vision, with more than 40 years of nautical expertise, which saw him recognise a gap in the market for a vessel in the 50ft segment, which combined a superyacht standard of finish with class-leading seaworthiness and engineering.

“The name Stratos is derived from the stratosphere. This altitude is what we aim to achieve in terms of quality, functionality, and performance. Built to perfection is a term the Stratos team uses daily, as every detail is considered, each aspect is fully developed, and no attention has been spared,” says Lengers. The CEO of international yachting company, Bas Lengers and the driving force behind Stratos, collected the leading minds in the Dutch superyacht field to bring his vision to life. The result is an ode to Dutch excellence, the on-water equivalent of an all-terrain vehicle – an SUV on water – made to go-anywhere and cruise with ease even in the toughest of weather conditions while achieving speeds of 36 knots. “I felt the 50 ft category needed a tough, resiliently-robust vessel, one that is truly seaworthy and built to superyacht standards,” says Bas The DB50 is propelled by the latest twin Volvo Penta IPS systems and incorporates cutting-edge technology on board.

Design and build
Combining strength and style, it is built to CE Classification A, the highest rating possible, meaning the DB50 can tackle extended voyages, withstanding winds over Beaufort Force 8 and significant wave heights above four metres. The same applies to the spectacular nautical range of 400 to 450 miles. The DB50 is propelled by the latest twin Volvo Penta IPS systems and incorporates cutting-edge technology on board.

“The robust build and CE-A certified construction provides owners a safe and secure vessel,” says project designer, Bernd Weel. This is a yacht with backbone. Key to Bas Lengers’ vision was the resilience and sea-going ability of the vessel. In order to meet this vision, a special grid was designed – unseen in a yacht of this size – and the hull constructed from ultra-dense composite materials, with a hardtop of lightweight carbon.

“The DB50 design philosophy is to be an ‘SUV’ on the water. Created to go anywhere in any weather condition. The vessel is constructed in a way to withstand the most challenging forces, by using a grid which is a framework integrated into the composite hull structure. Among other reinforcements, this makes the vessel particularly strong. The design consists of rigid and strong lines which define the robust and firm character of this vessel” says Weel. A low centre of gravity brings stability and sea kindliness, for a smooth onboard experience.

“The bow shape is carefully designed to break away spray water and improve seaworthiness. There are long lines flowing from bow to stern, which emphasise visual length; for example the rub rail and long, stretched glass panels in the hull.”

Collaborative excellence
When Bas Lengers set out to create the most-seaworthy vessel in its class, he knew he also wanted it to become the most iconic in its class. Stratos Yacht collected the pre-eminent experts in their respective fields from design, naval architecture and build, and began to redefine the 50ft class of yacht. With the DB50 built to encapsulate Dutch superyacht quality, the team of Stratos’ shipyard, naval architects Sea Level, and designer, Bernd Weel put their minds together to break down expectations for this yachting segment and create a new standard for its class.

The hardtop alone took a year of research and development, resulting in an eye-catching carbon structure that contains an automated sunroof. “It enables guests on board to choose to be in the sun or shade. The two panels can slide forward and aft, in order to provide a superb fusion of sun and shade for both lounge and helm station individually.” Stratos shipyard’s in-house team provides highly-skilled carbon and painting services, which delivers a wealth of possibilities to owners while their Stratos is in-build.

Beauty in substance is a theme which continues throughout the DB50. An indestructible stainless steel wet bar delivers a glossy finish which visually ties to the appealing carbon hardtop, while bespoke ergonomic pilot seats with shock absorption both ensure comfortable cruising in the roughest waves and are upholstered in touchable materials, which match the inviting sunpad areas. “The interior design is created with the same robust lines you’ll find on the exterior,” says Weel. The finishing materials have raised the bar for this vessel segment. Carbon composite materials integrated seamlessly into the design are a feature of the exterior with elements like the full-carbon handrail with LED lighting accents, bringing superyacht-level detail to the DB50.

The Stratos Experience
The Stratos experience is an elevated affair which continues to rise throughout the design, build and delivery process. “Giving clients an unparalleled customer experience is what I take most pride in. Stratos is undoubtedly the best-in-class and it’s only right that the service matches this level of superior quality: a blissfully care-free experience in all stages of the buying process, as well as beyond purchase,” says Stratos brand manager, Paul Verheij.

That service encompasses all elements needed for onboard bliss. Whether it’s finding the perfect berth, to stepping onboard to a fully-provisioned Stratos ready for the weekend, Stratos uses a personal touch to ensure customer satisfaction. Personalisation of each Stratos is a driving force within Stratos’ DNA. It begins with exterior colour selection in 25 different shades including metallic and non-metallic options, and flowing through to upholstery, teak, and a range of interior choices.

Understanding that time on the water is personal, Stratos offers easy individualisation. An online configuration tool allows prospective owners to quickly configure their ideal DB50 via a few clicks; selecting from an array of options that range from waterline colour, to whether they’d like to fit an hydraulic submersible swim platform. In the design process, owners can choose from three different interior styles which correlate to their preferred ambience onboard; Zen (light), Serene (medium), and Graphite (dark). The design, with its expansive sunpads, dual movement automated sunroof, and inviting alfresco dining space, lends Stratos towards long summer days cruising the Mediterranean.

Impressive to guests as a high-performance, luxurious day boat, the full beam cabin with two berths means this is also the ultimate yacht to dominate the sea on longer journeys. Once in port, docking is via seamlessly-integrated stainless steel mooring stations on bow and stern. “They are designed with the SUV in mind, showing winches and bollards instead of hiding them away like many other vessels on the market. We wanted these parts to be functional, strong and in sight.”

Adventurous future
Lengers Yachts is the first exclusive dealer of Stratos and is pleased to present this new standard of vessel to the market. “Stratos is for those who want the best of the best. In terms of service, we also want to achieve this. In doing so, we will go beyond the expected standards and offer services that will provide owners a complete care-free experience. So that they can focus on what truly counts: enjoying the thrill of getting the most out of their Stratos experience” says Brand Manager, Paul Verheij. Shipyard production is tightly-controlled to deliver adherence to the highest quality standards. Lengers points out every new owner will have a vessel which they can take out at any moment, to any destination.

“We work with individuals who seek nothing but the best. Superyacht interior quality and the highest build standards and outfitting. At Stratos we strive to build to perfection.”