Lazer announces the comfortable and stylish codax kineticore

Codax KinetiCore, a one-size-fits-all helmet that combines comfort, protection, and style.

The Codax KinetiCore is built for the recreational cyclist who wants a stylish, versatile helmet to tackle it all with confidence without skimping on protection. Designed with ultimate comfort as the end-goal this helmet packs multiple features that make sure this is achieved. Thanks to its one size fits all design and vertical adjustability of the TurnSys system, a secure and comfortable fit is guaranteed. A visor to keep sun of the eyes, as well as an insect net to stops bugs from flying into the helmet’s front vents are included.

The Codax KinetiCore is equipped with KinetiCore Controlled Crumple Zones that absorb the force of both direct and rotational impacts in the event of a crash to re-direct energy into the helmet. KinetiCore technology is integrated into the helmet instead of added on after, delivering next-level protection while reducing weight and increasing ventilation.

The Codax KinetiCore packs essential features that make every ride enjoyable. The helmet provides lightweight breathability and comfortable ventilation allowing riders to confidently work up a sweat. Once the temperature drops and cold wind is no longer welcome, the compatible winter kit offers increased warmth. To complete the package, the Universal Lazer LED light can be added to increase safety and visibility.

Codax KinetiCore specifications:
· Uni size 54 – 61cm
· Lightweight 270g
· RRP € 59,99

Lazer KinetiCore technology

Reimagining modern helmet design with over ten years of research, development, and testing, Lazer’s KinetiCore helmet technology features built-in rotational-impact protection thanks to unique Controlled Crumple Zones incorporated into the internal structure of the helmet. The result of this integrated design is advanced multi-directional protection ensuring confident rides. KinetiCore’s built-in technology also uses less overall material for improved ventilation, a lighter-weight helmet design, and fewer plastics used in construction.

About Lazer

Founded in 1919, Lazer has led the industry in helmet innovation, design, protection, and technology. A century of heritage, experience and passion means our helmets are some of the most advanced, lightweight, stylish, and well-ventilated on the market.

As a company, we’re constantly striving to forge new paths and disrupt the standard way of thinking. All our products are designed in Belgium and are available for every cyclist, based on the principle of universality, yet we’ve never forgotten our roots – we still ride our products over cobbled country roads, and we’re still reaching to new heights to innovate, improve and create what we would want to use ourselves.

For more information, please contact Sofie Hertog, Lazer Sport NV.

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